Finding Home DVD

Finding Home... is without a doubt a superbly shot film that successfully wields the beauty of the Minnesota [& Wisconsin] outdoors as an effective backdrop for what eventually becomes an intense and fairly gripping relationship drama. Bonin's film is precisely the kind of gem you hope to unearth when attending film festivals".

"Gripping, complex and perhaps even brave in its choices, Finding Home is a diamond for which scouring the rough is quite worthwhile." segments of Justin Jagoe of Film Misery's review of Finding Home. Full review can be found below.


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[The plot twist between the lead characters] "is a doozy... one difficult and provocative enough to have the viewer reflect deeply on the role of trust in a healthy relationship."

"The actors Bonin employs... flesh out their characters as real people in a real relationship. [They] make Katie and Wesley's love feel real, and they bring to their tumultuous relationship a commendable degree of sincerity. That same sincerity helps protect the movie from becoming a thematically didactic and moralistic work."